Sorority House Interior Design

Beautifully designed sorority houses is the new trend sweeping America's collage campuses.  Many houses are at the point of needing major repair and updating and with that, they are getting a whole new look.  Professional designers have been called in to create extraordinary interior spaces as a beautiful home is more important now than ever for recruitment.  Greek life is getting a bold transformation and we are thrilled to be part of it!  When designing sorority houses, many things besides aesthetics are taken into consideration such as high traffic areas, condensation rings and table top scratches so the new look will still be looking good for years to come.  Our sorority house design work is very special to us as it is a contribution to the girls who will forever remember these memories in a house that we had the privledge of making a home.   Contact us for your initial consultation and to view samples of our work in Maryland, Illinois, Oklahoma, New York and New Hampshire.  

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