Pictured: Eastern Shore Waterfont Residence

They say it's all in the details and we say so, too!  Before all the beautiful furnishings go in, there are dozens if not hundreds of decisions to be made.  We work with custom home builders and their clients as well as residential clients to guide them through a process that can be time consuming and tedious for some.   It takes careful thought into what the finish selections will be and how they will work together to bring a fresh and cohesive look.  We help clients make design decisions and finish choices for flooring; cabinetry, trim details & built-ins, paint colors, countertops; faucets, lighting fixtures, appliances and more.  We take a process that can be long and overwhelming and make it as easy as possible for clients to make the right choices so that they will be happy living with them for a long time.  


“It has been my pleasure to work with Karen and her team on many projects over the years.  They have a gift for the art of design and have been able to make spaces transform from ordinary to extraordinary with an ease that is almost magical to behold.  I absolutely consider her and her firm to be one of the finest I have ever worked with and recommend that everyone of my clients speak to them before getting started with their projects.  She has been a great partner and my absolute best projects have always included her and her team.  Without fail, she has absolutely blown me and my clients away and far exceeded all expectations.  Thank you Karen for making me look so good, my job so easy, and most of all for making my clients so happy.  If  you are even just considering utilizing the assistance of a designer, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give her a call.  I can assure you that you won’t be sorry that you did.  First class all the way!”

-Aaron Drummond, TailorCraft Builders