Power to The Powder Room

Power to The Powder Room

The powder room received its name from Victorian women who discreetly excused themselves to use these half-baths to powder their noses and freshen up. Today, we discard the notion that these rooms must be used modestly and embrace the opportunity to create an area with bold character and style.

Just how can you incorporate flair and drama into a petite space? Whether using small touches or daring design, we encourage you to try some of the tips below:

  • Make it yours: Transform the space using patterned wallpaper, interesting light fixtures, tile that shines, beautiful shades of paint, mirrors, motional waterfalls, or even a specialty textured wall.
  • Pay special attention to the seasons: Add seasonal hand towels or soaps that complement the time of year. For example, fall is here, so add some cream and brown colors, with deliciously scented soaps of apple pie or spiced chai.
  • Windows: If you have a window in your powder room, add in a window treatment to reflect your personal taste.

Bonus Tips from our Designers:

Esther Lazo, Interior Design Assistant                                                                 

"I love the feeling and seeing fresh-cut flowers in the powder room; it adds a natural element to the space and looks beautiful.”

Stephanie Simmons, Senior Interior Designer

 “I enjoy designing Powder Rooms and adding dramatic wallpaper on the walls and/or ceiling, distinctive mirrors and flanking wall sconces on each side of the vanity with a marble top and floor, and adding Voluspa candles."

Marina Hatzidakis, Director of Marketing

 “You can make your small powder room look bigger by adding a larger mirror to the area. If you wish to have darker walls, you can add more lighting to brighten up the space. Leaving your guests with a signature scent used in soaps and lotions is important and memorable according to Mary Herman from The Pearl Spa, and she recommends the spa’s signature scent: Icelandic Moonflower, by Red Flower.

Create a room that resembles a place you love to visit. For example, after traveling to Europe, you might want to add a design that incorporates the luxuries and whimsical natural elements of the Mediterranean. This could be done by adding natural elements to your space, such as a flat white stone tile, and rocky undermount-style sink, deep-sea blue walls, with pictures that have depth to create a larger scenic space.”

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